Unplug. Reconnect. Restore.

Digital Mindfulness Retreats with Christina Malecka, MA LMHC

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When is the last time you…

Were quiet enough to hear your own voice?

Connected authentically with yourself and others in real-time without networking or performing?

Felt deeply rested and inspired?

Got even one waking-hour long break from digital media or electronic communication?

What about a whole weekend?


Treat yourself to a weekend of digital detox, deep self-care and mindfulness to:

Learn how mindfulness is the opposite of distraction - and the key to a healthier relationship with technology

Connect with nature in the breathtaking beauty of retreat locations like The Whidbey Institute and Sleeping Lady

Enjoy being held in community with opportunities to connect authentically with others

Get Quiet Time for yourself for reflection and meditation

Prioritize and center what brings you true joy and satisfaction

Break free from the social media hamster wheel and reclaim time for what really matters to you

Set intentions and goals to stay electronically connected on your own terms  - and unchain yourself from digital compulsion and over-use


INTERESTED in working with Christina to create a custom retreat for your organization or group? Let’s talk!! christina@digitalmindfulnessretreats.com or join the email list.

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CHRISTINA MALECKA is a community organizer turned Licensed Mental Health Counselor who brings over 25 years of experience with change-making, group facilitation, training and workshop development. She loves creating nurturing experiences and holding space for people, and was inspired to create her Digital Mindfulness Retreats after her own profound experience with digital detox and re-set.


Get a peek behind the scenes to find out what it’s like to attend a digital mindfulness retreats:


You may need a Digital Mindfulness Retreat if…

You can’t remember the last time you woke up, went to bed, ate a meal, waited for your coffee, stood in line, rode the bus or enjoyed any kind of downtime without looking at your phone.

You can’t recall the last time you felt able to be in-the-moment during joyful and significant life events without the pressure of documenting them on social media

You feel numbed and paralyzed by constant exposure to the 24-hour news cycle to the point where you feel hopeless and unable to commit to action and activism to heal and transform your community, country and world.



Christina is such a welcoming, positive force. She has a way of making everyone feel welcome and included.
Christina is a phenomenal facilitator.
I loved the group activities around self-care and social media usage and am grateful for the structure of the weekend.
I loved having time to reflect and connect with myself.
I loved getting to know everyone. It really highlighted how beautiful true personal connection is when we are not hiding behind our phones.